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Scrap heap

Hub cap, CDs, and glass

I spent some very pleasant time yesterday visiting with my friends Joyce and Frank. They own the autobody/collision shop where I occasionally have to take my cars. They also own a very fine scrap heap that they graciously allow me to pick through from time to time. Since my personal stash of rusted metal scraps was growing dangerously low, I decided to combine the pleasure of visiting themwith refilling my own heap!

They are lovely people, the salt of the earth, and I swear that Joyce never forgets a single detail from any story she ever hears. Thus, even when your car is crushed beyond repair, Joyce always is able to make your time with her pleasant! She remembers details about your kids, your work, your adventures, and just plain makes you feel that you matter to her. Frank is a true gentleman, and the two of them have a pretty enviable life together :-)

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