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Have you seen the Typogenerator?


This is a tremendously fun toy to play with. It makes poster-style pictures out of any text phrase you want to try. Here are a few of the ones I saved today:

Isn't that fun?

You'll be glad to know that the sequins I've been waiting for finally came yesterday, so now I can stop playing and get back to work. Also, this afternoon I went and visited my friends Frank and Joyce who run the local auto-body/collision center. They are always so gracious about letting me pick through their rusted metal, and I'm always so gracious about letting them fix my cars! Anyway, since my scrap pile was starting to dwindle, I thought I'd stop by for a visit and replenish it while I was there. The fact that Mike is out of town for a few days doesn't have anything at all to do with why I'm bringing home rusted stuff right now...

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