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A watercolor approach to working with alcohol inks – a tutorial

When you work with alcohol inks using a wet-in-wet technique, you've got less control than with any other method.  At least it seems that way to me! 

Put 91% rubbing alcohol or a blending solution into a  squeeze bottle, and wet your paper thoroughly.  Drip inks onto the page, and allow them to spread for a bit.  Tilt and tip the page to allow the inks to run and blend.  Add more alcohol or solution, and more inks as needed.  Keep it wet and loose until it's blended to your satisfaction.  You could also use either a hair dryer, canned air, a straw, or a heat gun to move the inks around. 

Be careful to use colors that mix well when using this method, or you could end up with a muddy mess. Once the piece is dry, you can reactivate areas that need more work, or you can add small details like the dots that you see near the center.  All that takes is a small brush or cotton swab, dampened with alcohol or a different color of ink. 

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Robbie said…
OK, this has to be one of my favorite alcohol ink pieces you've done!! Colors are fantastic! Wish we could get this same effect on fabric! HA
Cyndi L said…
I wish we could too! The closest I think we can get is just using really thinned acrylics on a wet piece of cloth :-)