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Some early experiments with alcohol inks

Rainbow Gravity
Cyndi Lavin, 2018

Whenever I start up with a new medium, I always expect it to be easy.  I don't know why.  Experience has certainly not borne out this cock-eyed optimistic view of life, but nonetheless...

So, I'm humbly sharing some of my earliest "paintings" with alcohol inks.  Yikes!  Over time, I have gotten better, though I'm nowhere near the proficiency level of the best pieces that you see on Pinterest!

Please visit my tutorial on making your own alcohol inks.  It's way way cheaper than buying them ready-made, though as I get better at working with them, I may decide to add some of the Pinata or Ranger colors.  I know the pieces that follow are not that good...they are my baby beginner practice pieces!

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