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Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry
Cyndi Lavin, 2017
Original and prints for sale

Ever since I started dating my husband, I have found the shapes, patterns, and fantasy illustrations that are used to represent particle physics concepts fascinating. I wasn't completely aware that's what my new series was going to be about in the very beginning...I was just trying something new, and found it enjoyable.  The first one didn't really even have a lot to do with physics.  I just kept stumbling across the triad and its association with the sacred.  So I played with it one afternoon.

That afternoon's enjoyment morphed into a larger series that are representations of elementary particles in bubble chambers, electric currents, gravity and black holes, and magnetic fields.

I can't give you exact step-by-steps for these, but I can certainly give you the general idea if for some reason you wanted to try your hand at something similar:

Heavy watercolor paper cut to size
Foam brushes and rollers

Paper towels from previous projects, covered in acrylic paints (used to mop up)
Matte medium

White gesso
Waterproof black India ink
Razor blade

Faber-Castell Pitt Pen, brush style, black
Spray bottles
Gloss medium

Krylon clear acrylic spray, satin

I used old paper towels from previous projects that were covered in Dick Blick acrylic paints (and dried) to collage the background with matte medium.  After it dried, I used a foam roller to very lightly hit the high spots on the towels with white gesso.  I used a combination of India ink and Pitt pens to add the design lines, and increased the white "frame" around the design.  

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Robbie said…
Now to transfer this technique to fabric!
Cyndi L said…
No reason at all that you can't!!! Have at it! :-D