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Charmed Particles - a mixed media painting

 Charmed Particles
Cyndi Lavin, 2017
Original and prints for sale

I've always had a difficult time keeping the different types of particles straight, especially the elementary particles.  Searching through Wikipedia brought me to a wonderful chart that has helped me to visualize the relationships.  My husband studied anti-electron neutrinos in grad school, and I seriously thought he was making up some of the stuff he told me.  Quarks, such as charm and strange, are quarks, whereas all types of neutrinos are leptons.  There!  Clear??

Anyway, I found some cloud chamber and bubble chamber images from CERN, Brookhaven, and Fermi Lab (widely available online) and allowed them to inspire this piece as well as some that follow.  I didn't yet know that this was going to become a series.  When I say that the images inspired my pieces, I mean to say that they are not accurate representations, merely my feelings and interpretations of things that I don't even pretend to understand.

Isn't science fun?

There is a materials and tools list, and brief directions, on the post for Sacred Geometry.

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