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Epiphany - a mixed media painting tutorial

Cyndi Lavin, 2017

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Think about all the different colors you could use for a mixed media painting like this, depending upon the season!  I'll share the colors I used for this one, but feel free to make substitutions that suit you.

Materials + Tools
Watercolor paper
Black India ink
Acrylic spray
Spray bottle
Acrylic paint colors:
Hansa yellow medium
Quinacridone magenta
Permanent violet dark

1. Starting with a sheet of watercolor paper, drip black India ink from a small pipette to form the "trees".  Let it dry thoroughly and give it a light spray with acrylic fixative.

2. Mix up the colors you want to use.  I place them in small cups and dilute them with quite a bit of water to get the thin consistency.  No acrylic medium this time!

3. Spritz the surface with water.  Use pipettes (one per color) to add lines of color between the "trees".  Spray more if the paint doesn't move the way you want it to.

4. Let it dry and adjust the colors if needed. 

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