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At Cross Purposes - a mixed media painting tutorial

At Cross Purposes
Cyndi Lavin, 2017


1. I started this piece with a batik-style background, for which you can find a tutorial at the link.


2. After the background was completely dry and ironed (to make absolutely sure the ink wouldn't run), I flooded it with dilute washes of several acrylic paints: Hansa yellow light, Medium magenta, and Pyrrole orange.

3. I used pieces of painters tape (low tack) and card stock to form the masks.  After adhering them to the center of the piece, I used a foam roller to lightly roll white gesso around the outside, just enough to mute the colors but not enough to totally obscure them.

4. Slip out the card stock mask, but keep the painters tape.  Add more tape around the central rectangle that was previously under the card stock.  Just line up the new tape with the's easy!  Roll the center portion with Manganese blue


5. Carefully remove all the tape.  Add black lines with waterproof black India ink and a razor blade.

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