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Spring Blows In 2 - a mixed media painting tutorial

Spring Blows In 2
Cyndi Lavin, 2017

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I liked the colors of a piece that I shared a few weeks ago (Spring Blows In 1) so much that I did a second one using a slightly different technique.

This time I dripped the waterproof black ink trees first, allowed them to dry, and then sprayed them with fixative just to be sure.  I mixed up the following acrylic colors with silicone and medium, but instead of pouring puddles, I poured thick lines: Medium magenta, Hansa yellow opaque, Pyrrole orange, Titanium white.

I topped these with a thick line of white paint, swiped across and swirled.  The paints were not thick enough to form cells, but they still did lots of neat skittery little things that I loved.  After adjusting some of the colors, I let it dry overnight, and then dripped a few more black trees.

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