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Into the Woods - a mixed media painting tutorial

Into the Woods
Cyndi Lavin, 2017

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I used a batik-style background for this piece.  The instructions can be found at the link above.  It's super-easy to do, using waxed paper and some non-waterproof black ink.  After adhering the textured paper to your substrate and ironing it, I would advise adding a few coats of acrylic spray to prevent any running.


I used heavy-bodied acrylics diluted with water (not medium) in the following colors: Permanent violet dark, Quinacridone magenta, Hansa yellow medium, Phthalo green, and Ultramarine blue.  I spread it around on my piece using pipettes.  I used paper towels to blot it frequently, and to build up layers of color.

After drying thoroughly, I spritzed the piece with water and used regular water proof India ink in a pipette to drip the trees and add thinner branches.  I let it dry and then adjusted the paint colors as needed.

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