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Breaking Free - a mixed media painting tutorial

Breaking Free
Cyndi Lavin, 2017

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The batik texture in the background of this painting was achieved by the use of a humble kitchen product...waxed paper!

I crumbled the paper to give it cracks, painted it with black ink, and then wiped off most of it before it had a chance to dry.  I found that non-waterproof ink works best for this because the hard core India ink won't wipe off properly.  Let it dry thoroughly and iron it flat before attaching it to your substrate.

I used very diluted acrylic paints to create a watercolor-like background.  Here is a closeup of a small section, showing the ink lines that I added on top as well.  For these lines, I used waterproof ink instead of the non-waterproof.  Yes, it really is worthwhile having both!

I used both paper and resist to mask off areas that would remain bright.  I used slightly tinted white gesso with a small foam roller, but left it translucent enough to allow the colors below to barely show through.

After I removed the mask and the resist, I added a few more ink lines to integrate the background and the subject.

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Robbie said…
Cyndi, this is a wonderful piece!!!! Love it!!!! Thanks for your step by step!!!!