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Joy Bursts Forth - a mixed media painting tutorial

Joy Bursts Forth
Cyndi Lavin, 2017

I love experimenting with the palette's of painters I admire.  Even if I'm working in different media, I've found that I can at least get close by paying attention to color temperature, transparency, and proportions.  For this piece, I was inspired by the palette that Marc Chagall used for his stained glass windows!

I added a tar gel design to a piece of heavy watercolor paper.  See my notes on Rainbow Gravity for some tips on handling tar gel.  Let the tar gel dry completely before continuing.

I used a small foam roller to cover it with black gesso mixed with a bit of Phthalo turquoise.  Again, allow it to dry.  I brushed on white gesso diluted with water and added a piece of plastic wrap over top while it was still wet.  Using a heat gun as I went, I peeled the plastic off slowly.

For the next step, I mixed the following colors with glazing medium and filled in the shapes produced by the tar gel: Primary cyan, Hansa yellow light, Pyrrole red, Permanent green light, and Quinacridone magenta.  If needed, I added a drop of white gesso to a patch to keep the colors strong.  When the piece is mostly dry, mist it and add black India ink lines with a razor blade.

Make a mask from card stock and painter's tape.  Tape it loosely to the piece and use a foam roller to paint the outside with a mixture of white gesso, black ink, and primary cyan.  Remove the mask and gently roll over the sharp outer edges with the gesso mixture to blur them slightly.

Add more black ink lines, adjust the colors as needed, and paint the tar lines with gesso and primary cyan.

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