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Schism - a mixed media painting tutorial

Cyndi Lavin, 2017
Here is another example of a piece that almost got abandoned, ripped in two, or just plain thrown out.  I started with colors and techniques that had served me well in the past, but just didn't seem to work this time. 

1. I failed to write down the colors that I used for the background, but I think they were probably Cobalt teal, Ochre and Hansa yellow medium, and Red oxide.  I used black India ink to create some directional lines, and then rolled a mixture of White gesso and Titan buff over a paper mask.  I was a bit underwhelmed.

2. Since I hated the way it looked, I decided to try using more black ink to tie the piece together.  Not so much...

3. I used Ochre mixed with glazing medium to unify the colors a bit.  Now we're getting somewhere.
Over that, I added more black ink lines.  There's a certain freedom you feel when you believe that a piece is ruined anyway!

4. I re-masked the central shape and rolled it with a light layer of white gesso.  Then I used tape to create the second boundary and rolled it with black gesso.  The colors didn't turn out true in this photo, so I scanned the piece, and (at least on my computer monitor), the scan below it true to life :-)

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