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Spring is Coming - a tutorial

Spring is Coming
Cyndi Lavin, 2017

Quite a few years ago (four!!), I painted this piece of watercolor paper, shown below, to use as a background for a future project.  Finally, finally, the right idea came together with this bright and fun acrylics and rubbing alcohol paper.

Take any background paper you have with a bright, busy pattern and good contrast.  I took my inspiration from Jo Toye's wonderful book Abstract Explorations in Acrylic Painting, a technique that involves multiple gesso applications over masks.  I will have a review of the book up soon.

For this piece, I used the lighter colors from the original background to add all the color accents.  Here's my materials list:

Acrylic paints - Cobalt teal, Cobalt turquoise, Quinacridone gold, Light green
Gesso - white and black
Fineline resist to preserve lines

The first step is to tape down your masks (the flower shapes and large lines), and to roll on thinned white gesso.  Then the outer rim is masked and the inside shapes of the flowers, and the rolling is repeated with black gesso.  Roll off the resist with your fingers.

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