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Ice lanterns

Over the Christmas and holiday break, my granddaughters and I were able to do several fun projects together.  They both like a bit of instant gratification, but they are also able to wait a bit if the wait is worth it.  With these ice lanterns, it was definitely worth the wait!

First we took a little walk around the yard to gather up some pine greenery, some rose hips, and some holly.  Then we took a large plastic container that I had saved, along with a plastic cup nested inside, and arranged the plants between the layers.

After that, we simply poured in water that I had boiled and cooled ahead of time.  Oh yeah, we also added pie weights to the inner cup, because, well, it wanted to float away!  Science lesson too...score!

After several hours in the freezer, we were able to simple run some hot water over the outside and in the cup, and remove them from our ice lantern.  The original project that I found online suggested using floating candles, which I think is brilliant!!  But I decided to go with what I already had...

My thanks to Creative in Chicago for this great idea!


Robbie said…
Clever idea! good one to keep in mind for next winter! HA And remember that the ice will melt! DUH! Had to think about that for a minute! HA Thanks for the project!