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Small collage piece using lavender

I like to make small pieces and images that interest me as they occur to me, and not to wait for a full-blown inspiration beforehand.  Often, making the smaller pieces will end up being just the inspiration I need to start on the larger piece.  I have found, personally, that if I sit around waiting for inspiration, it eludes me.  Get to work on something, and...bam!  There is the idea :-)

Materials & Tools
Watercolor paper
Glazing medium
Acrylic paints:
Raw sienna
Hansa yellow opaque
Titian buff

Spray bottles with water and rubbing alcohol
Walnut ink, eucalyptus
Bunch of lavender or other plant to use as mask
Black Pitt pen, medium point

1. Wet the paper.  Sponge with raw sienna and yellow.  Spray with water and then with alcohol.  Glaze with Titian buff in glazing medium.

2. Spray with eucalyptus colored walnut ink, using a bunch of dried lavender as a mask.

3. Add a few details with a Pitt pen.

4. Save for a larger project that needs a little collage piece.  I'll have one to show you soon!

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Robbie said…
I just received Alice Fox's book on eco printing, so your post is REALLY inspiring to me. I've had India's book for awhile but I'm really getting interested in this technique. You've made a lovely piece here...simple but beautiful!!!
Cyndi L said…
So EASY, right?? I used it in a larger piece that I'm pretty excited about. Same technique can be done on cloth too, of course, for your quilts, Robbie :-)