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Don't have Photoshop? Here's your online answer...

I was contacted by the folks at Canva recently to make sure that I knew about their free online photo editor (I did not), and did I want to try it out? (I did).  Canva uses a simple drag-and-drop method with pre-programmed filters and actions which allow you to add images to your blog or website with a minimum of fuss.

Since it's online, if you are trying to do larger-sized files, say 300 dpi, you will lose some data.  Your photo will download as a 72 dpi image, and when you reconvert it to 300, it will be smaller than the original.   All the same, it's not meant to take the place of Photoshop, and it does a really nice job on quick resizes and special effects.  So try it out the next time you're looking for a quick drag-and-drop for your blog!