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September Morn - a collage painting

September Morn
Cyndi Lavin, 2016

Nobody was quite sure what the young woman was doing in Paul Emile Chabas's painting, Matinee de Septembre, and that made it a bit controversial.  Over the years, it was mostly dismissed as a serious work, although it hangs today in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Not too shabby.  Poor Paul Emile did not copyright her, so scores of reproductions were sold without him benefiting at all.

The image I used here came from the front of a piece of sheet music:

Matinee de Septembre, Painting by Paul Emile Chabas, France, 1911.
September Morn, Music by Henri I Marshall, Published by Jerome H Remick & Co, NY, 1913.

Materials & Tools

Texture plates
Tracing paper
Acrylic spray fixative
Watercolor paper
Acrylic medium, matte and gloss
Bubble wrap
Sheet music
Tissue paper
Foam brushes

Acrylic paints:
Titian buff
Red oxide
Yellow ochre
Cobalt teal

India ink

1. Use the side of a pencil to create some texture patterns on tracing paper.  Fill the whole sheet.  Spray them with acrylic fixative and allow to dry.

2. Cover the watercolor paper with a thin coat of light colored paint like Titan buff.  Adhere the image(s) with matte medium.  Brush some of the paint over the edges of the image.

3. Rip the tracing paper sheet apart and adhere the pieces to the background with matte medium.

4. Use red oxide paint on bubble wrap and around the edges.

5. Add strips of sheet music using matte medium.

6. Add a layer of tissue paper with matte medium, allowing it to wrinkle.  Add areas of diluted yellow ochre and cobalt teal, and drip India ink around the edges.  Allow to dry and seal with diluted gloss medium.

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