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All Other Ground - a collage, part two

All Other Ground
Cyndi Lavin, 2016
Last week, I showed you the techniques for creating the rocky postcard shaped pieces.  Today we're going to look at how to finish it up!

Materials & Tools

Watercolor paper, cold press
Tissue paper

Golden Acrylics:
Cobalt turquoise
Thalo turquoise

Matte Medium
India ink
Acrylic fixative

Foam brushes
Small paint brush

7. Paint another piece of watercolor paper with turquoise colors.  Allow to dry.  Add a dilute layer of matte medium and top with tissue paper, forming a diagonal line and allowing plenty of wrinkles.  Allow to dry.  Use dropper or brush to apply India ink along the diagonal line.  Spray lightly with water and allow the ink to run downwards.  Allow to dry completely.  Spray with acrylic fixative, and add a layer of matte medium to the top.

8. Mess around with the placement of your shapes.    

9. This is what I chose.  Paint some matte medium on the back of your rock shapes and allow to dry.  Darken the white edges with ink or dark acrylic paint.

10. Use a bit of matte medium to stick them in place and press with an iron to fuse the postcard shapes to the background.

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