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Book review: 500 Handmade Books volume 2

If you saw or owned the first volume of this treasure by Lark Books, you already know some of what awaits you...hours and hours of pleasure and awe, leafing through 500 Handmade Books volume 2.

If you enjoy making handmade books yourself, then you know how it is: you learn a new structure and you immediately MUST TRY IT OUT!!  But later, the trick is to make sure that the structure of your book matches the message in some way.  Even though I love learning new forms, I'm not a fan of alternate structures simply for their own sake.  While there may be some included in this volume that lack the cohesion I prefer, there probably aren't a lot.  I marked soooo many examples as I leafed through of form matching function matching message, that I just don't have time to share them all.  Here are a few to whet your appetite.

Will Karp, 49 Masterpieces of Art, 2011
Accordian style

Bettina Pauly, Cista Nova Bestiolarum, 2011
Tunnel style

Charles Miley, Shock Head Peter, 2010
Pop-up book

Melanie Mowinski, Happiness Comes in Waves, 2011
Flag structure

Remember, the 500 Series are not how-to books, so you will not be receiving any instruction in how the artists created these amazing works.  But I think you'll find this volume equally inspiring as the first of the same name.  Prepare to dig out your papers, knives, and bone folders!

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