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Turtle stencils - part one

Another thing I got a bit obsessed by during our vacation to Hawai'i besides lava was the image of the sea turtle.  Especially after I saw one just off the coast!  That's him (her?) above.  Not a great picture, but I couldn't exactly wait around for the sun to get into the right position :-)

There are very old petroglyphs of the turtle on Hawai'i, and you'll find the image used frequently in fabric design and other arts.  So I decided to draw my own and do some little fabric panels using him.  I took some liberties...there are no spirals on the original petroglyphs.

Acrylics: Green gold, Sap green
Walnut Ink: Eucalyptus

1. Sponge on acrylics.

2. Mist with water to encourage running.

3. Let dry.

4. Spray walnut ink lightly over stencils.

5. Let dry.

Next week: embellishments!

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Not a great photo, Cyndi?! At first I thought that was one of your fabric art masterpieces. It has the same soft batik look.

I love the simplicity of this technique. You'd never guess that from the result.

It looks very Hawaiian as well.
Cyndi L said…
Well, it was hard to shoot because of the glare on the water. The colors were much more vibrant than they came out in the photo, but I decided not to photoshop them back ;-)
Suella said…
Thanks Cyndi,
I very much like this technique. Thinking of using a light blue fabric, resisted with paper images and then sprayed/misted with darker blue for a cyanotype image. Good stuff!
Cyndi L said…
I'll be that would be lovely! I hope maybe you'll share the image with us...?