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Image transfers onto furniture (reader question)

Hi Cyndi
 I'm interested in learning about image transfers on wood. I'm just a curious mom that has just begun painting Craigslist furniture for hobby. There are many lovely scrapbook card stock prints that would make interesting designs on furniture. Can you tell me what medium I should use? I tried acetone and that did not work. There is something called Dass Super Sauce that might could help. I don't know what kind of ink is used in these card stock papers. Have you ever used them? Any ideas of how to transfer them? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Paula

Hi Paula,
I have never bought those card stock prints, so like you, I really don't know what would be the best choice.  What I would probably try first would be the acrylic medium method where you paint multiple layers onto the print and rub the paper off the back.  This ought to give you a pretty good transfer with very little distortion if that's what you want.  Here's the tutorial:
Polymer medium transfer film

The nicest thing about this method is that it doesn't reverse the print, so if there is writing involved, you're still good to go.  I'd love to see a picture of what you make...sounds like a wonderful idea for personalizing your furniture!

Best ~

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Tee said…
Do a search for Waterslide Decals. Carol @ The Polka Dot Closet uses them and sells her furniture, a lot. I'm about to try my very first one this weekend. Wayyy excited.
Also, there is a group on Yahoo called Inkjet Transfers. A lot of info there but they use too many chemicals/products for me to afford.
Cyndi, if it's not okay to give this info. you can delete it and I won't be upset.
Cyndi L said…
Tee, of COURSE it's ok, and much appreciated! I don't think of the decals as image transfers, so they never even occurred to me, but they may be exactly the ticket. Plus, maybe they really *are* transfers! Gotta rethink it :-)
Cyndi L said…
I just found a tutorial on Photojojo that shows how to do a transfer with laser prints: