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Book review: Creative Quilting with Beads

Whether you are a beader who is hoping to get into art quilting, or an art quilter who is hoping to get more into beading, you will love the inspiration and advice in Creative Quilting with Beads. Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader, a senior editor at Lark Publishing, has compiled this wonderful resource for the fiber artist.  The Basics section covers not only various ways to affix beads to fabrics, but it also covers the basics of quilting, so this is a great first book for the mixed media artist who wants to expand her repertoire.

The bulk of the book consists of 24 projects created by designers whose names you will recognize.  Beautiful beautiful projects by the likes of Sherrie Spangler and Larkin Jean Van Horn grace the pages, and will introduce you to techniques that you'll be itching to try out in your future projects.  Whether you choose to make these pieces step-by-step along with the designers, or you just want to browse for some new ideas for your own work, there's a lot to like in this book. 

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