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Manipulated fabrics - part two

In my first post on manipulated fabrics, I showed you how to add tucks to rectangular or square pieces of fabric and to twist them for a fun wavy effect.  The next thing I wanted to try was to add twisted tucks to a round piece of fabric in order to get a sort of spiraling out look.

1. Mark and cut out a circle from your fabric.  Mine is about 6 inches in diameter.  It doesn't have to be perfectly round, however, and a few of the other ones I made were oblongs.

2. Cut a hole out of the larger circle.  It can be dead-center or offset like mine.  Make it about 1 1/2 to 2 inches across.

3. Follow the instructions from part one for adding tucks running from the inner circle to the outer edge.

4. Pin the circle to a thin piece of batting.  Starting in the middle, stitch down all the tucks, pressing them all in one direction.  Move out to the halfway point of the radius and stitch another row, twisting the tucks the other direction.  Finally, stitch the outside edge, twisting the tucks again.  See the instructions in part one for more details about this.  I added beads to each tuck, and clipped the batting to just under the edge of the silk fabric.

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Anonymous said…
I like this look. Ideas popping inside this head of mine :). Thanks for sharing.
Stay inspired!
I like the offset look, Cyndi, very wabi-sabi.