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Fingerless gloves ROCK!

Especially when they're made by my friend Heather Pyle, who writes the blog Aquariart.   I visited Heather's blog recently and left her a congratulations message because she was chosen as one of the finalists in Cloth Paper Scissors artisan search for this year!  Fabulous, huh?  Well it turns out that I was also signing up for a drawing, but I don't think I quite realized that.

Imagine my delight when Heather contacted me and sent me that gorgeous set of wine red fingerless gloves shown up above.  Yup, they're mine!  And I love them.  You can get your own pair, lots of different colors available, at Heather's Etsy shop, also called Aquariart.   These things are GREAT...two people tried to steal them from me when they saw me wearing them ;-)

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Heather said…
Thanks for posting your new gloves!! I have taken a break to get things done and all my gloves were sitting in Gail's Knit Shop where I teach. They are now home and I need to photograph them and then they will be in my Aquariart Shop. I apologize to anyone who went looking for them and didn't find them there.
Keep on Creating!! Heather