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An autumn leaf bouquet

I apologize that this post will come after most people no longer have quite such easy access to the raw materials, but our autumn was soooo late this year, that I only just got around to making these!  I saw the tutorial for these autumn leaf flowers on DesignSponge, written by Kate Pruitt.  You need to go check out here tutorial, because even if you can figure out how they're done, you owe it to yourself to see examples that are far more beautiful than mine.  Part of it was that my leaves were a bit dry and crispy, and part of it was that Kate is just more talented than me!

There were more of them, but I gave some away!

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I saw those somewhere out in blog land early this fall and thought they were gorgeous. We had a very strange fall though, some of the trees turned gorgeous colors but most just dropped brown leaves. I definitely want to try them though... they are gorgeous!
Cyndi L said…
You can see how "crackly" mine are. By the time we got color, they were also very dry...
How clever, Cyndi. I don’t think the ones on Design Sponge are any prettier than yours. They’re just different. Plus the photos there have all kinds of special effects to make the flowers pop.

A friend showed me something similar she did with glycerin to keep the leaves pliable.
Cyndi L said…
Glycerine would have been a good leaves were just so brittle!