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T-shirt shopping bag

OK, we are diving deep into flea market craft territory here, but I can't help it.  If you're like me, you probably have a large collection of oversized t-shirts, because no one ever orders enough of the right sizes!  When my kids worked at our local grocery store, one of them brought home this a 2XL.  No one was ever going to wear it, so it went into The Pile.  You know, the pile of mis-fit shirts, not to be confused with the Island of Mis-fit Toys.  These shirts never got a musical written about them.

My mother-in-law reminded us of the super-simple project where you turn your unwanted t-shirts into shopping bags.  Since this is a grocery shirt, it seemed particularly appropriate!  And super easy.

Materials and Tools:
Sewing machine

1. Cut off the sleeves of an old t-shirt.
2. Leaving at least 3 inches for a "handle", cut off the neck band in a scoop shape.  Try to preserve the shirt decorations!

3. Turn the shirt inside out and stitch up the bottom, going over it at least twice.
4. Optional: stitch along the raw edges at the neck and arms.  I didn't bother.


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Theresa Plas said…
Super Cool idea Cyndi! thanks for sharing:)
Making a shopping bag from an old t-shirt has been on my to-do list for months, Cyndi. I have drawers full of them from when the-bigger-the-better was in style.

How cute to use one with a grocery store motif. Just perfect!