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Book review: The Artist Unique

The Artist Unique: Discovering Your Creative Signature Through Inspiration and Techniques 

A couple of months ago I mentioned that The Artist Unique was coming out in May and that I hoped to see a copy.  The artwork that I saw on Carmen Torbus's own site made me particularly excited to read it.  Lucky lucky me, FW Media sent me a copy for review, and I'm here to tell you that this is a phenomenal book!

Some of my favorite things to read about, besides new techniques, are the inspirations and creative processes that different artists enjoy.  So imagine my glee when the bulk of this book is dedicated to exactly that.  Although it is titled "Discovering Technique", this section is far more than just techniques: Carmen has interviewed 15 other artists (plus herself!) to explore what part creativity has played in their lives, what forms it has taken over the years, and what it is that moves them in creating artwork.  Artists with many many different styles.  And then they each teach a technique or two that you can apply to your own work.  You're going to love this!

The last section of the book is called "Defining Your Style".  I love this section too, as Carmen discusses how to shut up your inner critic, embrace imperfection, and just get down to making art.  Her philosophy on art-making pretty much matches my own.  Carmen writes:

What does a dependable routine have to do with intuitive painting?  It seems very unromantic to think that painting intuitively isn't about magic and inspiration on high.  Well, it can be.  It is a lovely thing to be taken away by the muse, but to do the real work of intuitive art means taking a long, extended trip into art, not just short jaunts now and again when the whim happens. 

Oh yeah, baby!  Don't sit around waiting for the right mood and conditions to might not happen.  Grab this book and just get started.  Wonderful things may happen!

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Theresa Plas said…
Just in the process of reading this one and really enjoying it!!!
I want that book.

It sounds very real. I love reading about where artists find their inspiration and make art happen, even when they don't quite feel like it.

Thanks for the great review, Cyndi.