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Venice Door art quilt

I took a lot of shots of doors when we visited Italy last spring. I've always loved doors and windows, but the doors in Venice were really something special with their first step being right into the canal! I have shared with you the basic steps that I follow for making one of these little fabric collage quilts in a previous project, Ghost in the Wall, so I'll refer you to the written instructions on that post. Here, I'll just show you photos of the steps, and explain how I finished off the bottom of this one:

Digital photo transfered to muslin, fabric, and batting

Fabric wrapped and mitered around batting, backing pinned on (I removed it until after all stitching was completed on the front)

Image applied to front and eyelets inserted

To finish off the bottom:
Create hooks with spirals on each end. I used 4 inches of brass wire from Vintaj, and hammered it flat for more strength. Wire up some beads and charms to add to the spiral hook. I used copper wire, about 3 inches, and created a large simple loop at the top which would slip through the spiral on the hook. At the bottom, I made a wrapped loop, and hung a charm with a jump ring from it. The beads are some of the Murano glass beads that I bought while we were visiting Venice and Murano. They are the perfect accent to remind me how wonderful and magical our trip to that gorgeous region was!

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