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How to make fabric hearts

Slightly stuffed fabric hearts with lots of trim!

These hearts are super-easy to make. I don't ever use a pattern for them, although I suppose you could make yourself a paper pattern if you really wanted to. Also, if you decide to do more complicated shapes than my simple hearts, a pattern might be a good idea. Either way, you can use either a sewing machine or hand-stitching to assemble them. I used a combination, but did as much as possible on the machine, because I am LAZY!!

1. I folded a piece of fabric, right sides together, and cut out my hearts free hand. See how the point at the bottom is on the seam? That means you won't have to pin it at all to sew it unless the fabric is slippery.

2. Before sewing, I added a ribbon or yarn to each of them. Put it between the layers, on the inside. Pin each end, and the middle if you need to in order to keep it from getting stitched into a seam by mistake as you stitch around the rest of the heart. You can see the ends of my ribbons sticking out in the photo above after the heart has been sewn. 3. Sew all the way around the heart, starting from the bottom point.

4. You could leave a small space unsewn in order to turn the heart right side out, hand-stitching it shut later, but I'm too lazy even for that. Slit up one piece of the fabric and turn your heart through that. Place the slit in such a place that it will be later covered by embellishments, or place it on the back and hand-stitch it closed after stuffing.

5. Stuff the heart lightly with batting, and add your embellishments. Stitch them into place wherever needed to keep them from sliding off.

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