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Making a paper weaving

This is one of those really fun little projects that you can do in practically no time, or that you can spend a lot of effort and thought on to make it *really* spectacular! I opted for easy and fun, using strips from CD covers and inserts, and mounting them on 140 lb watercolor paper.

1. Slice up strips of paper, both solids and patterns (or with words like mine), and feel free to add non-paper stuff like ribbons and other fibers.

2. Chose which will be your vertical "warp" pieces and which you will weave through as a "weft".

3. Line up the warp pieces and attach them to your table with a piece of low-tack masking tape.

4. Weave the weft pieces alternately under and over the warp. You are free to do this unevenly if you desire, skipping warp pieces, adding short weft strips, etc.

For an example of a woven paper piece which uses pieces cut into wavy shapes rather than straight, see this post on making woven paper pieces.

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