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Making an assemblage with resin wells

Now is the time to do things: To make art, to fall in love, to be the person you want to be. There is no "later". Waiting until "later" to do things becomes "never".

It took several days to make Now, Not Later. First, there were a couple of steps that needed time to dry overnight before moving on, and second, it just took me awhile to figure out what all I wanted to include in the assemblage. I tend to pull out all my possible materials that might work and leave them sitting around until something gels. In this case, it took a bit longer than maybe is usual for me.

Anyway, the first step was to go to Home Depot and buy a new tool…always a good start! I got a forstner bit for my drill press. It cuts a hole with a fairly flat bottom to it; only the little guide hole mars the flat surface.

1. I used a wood heart, but you can use any shape you want. Cut holes where you’d like to place a picture embedded in resin. Gesso the entire piece and let it dry.

2. Paint the piece with acrylics and let it dry.

3. Embed pictures or small objects in 2-part epoxy resin or polyester resin. Let it dry overnight.

4. Spread caulk on the surface and transfer an appropriate image. Here are the directions for doing caulk transfers. I used clear silicone sealant, which has to dry overnight before you attempt to remove the paper.

5. Try out different decorative pieces, moving them around until you’re happy with them.

6. Adhere them in place with E6000, Liquid Nails, or 2-part epoxy. I used Liquid Nails for this piece since none of the items were overly heavy. Epoxy is a better choice for heavy items.

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