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Making textured collage papers (part 2)

1. This time use a sheet of foil for your background! Wrinkle it and spread it back out without pressing out the wrinkles.
2. Use Golden’s GAC 100 as the acrylic medium that you mix with your paints. Do not use any water! This will eventually cause the paint to peel away from the foil. Use only heavy-bodied tube acrylics, mixed with the GAC 100.
3. Paint with Quinacridone Gold and Lumiere’s Bright Gold.

1. The piece on the left uses a strip of watercolor paper and two smaller strips of corrugated paper. Use polymer medium to attach the corrugated pieces.
2. Brush more polymer medium over top. Sponge with Quinacridone Crimson and Quinacridone Violet. Use stencils or stamps with Dioxazine Purple.
3. Apply Metallic Bronze with a small dry brush.
4. For the piece on the right, apply strips of masking tape unevenly to the surface of a piece of watercolor paper.
5. Paint with Dioxazine Purple and Permanent Violet Dark. Dry thoroughly.
6. Stamp Quinacridone Red dots through scrim, or apply dots with a paintbrush.
7. Apply Hansa Yellow Opaque on the raised portions of some corrugated paper and stamp the piece.

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