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Making textured collage papers (part 1)

Here are three background paper techniques for you to try out next time you've got an hour or so free. You’ll notice that I was using and reusing the same colors over and over, and sticking largely within the same color family. The reason for this is that I wanted to have a slew of papers that would all work together for some upcoming projects I have planned.

1. Use a sheet of 140 lb watercolor paper. Apply extra heavy gel medium unevenly with your hands.
2. Stamp in texture with a large stamp and let dry (or use a heat gun).
3. Give it a light glaze of Quinacridone Gold acrylic.
4. Sponge lightly with Permanent Violet Dark, Quinacridone Violet, and Citrine. Repeat with colors as many times as desired.

1. Use a sheet of canvas paper and cover it unevenly with cheesecloth.
2. Press polymer medium through the cheesecloth to adhere it to the canvas. Dry thoroughly.
3. Paint it with Quinacridone Red and Metallic Bronze.
4. Sponge with Quinacridone Violet, very dilue Dioxazine Purple, and Metallic Bronze.
5. Before the paints dry, work gold mica flakes into the surface.

1. The paper on the left is watercolor paper topped with a dryer sheet. Allow it to wrinkle and adhere it with polymer medium.
2. Paint with Hansa Yellow Opaque, Quinacridone Gold, Dioxazine Purple, Magenta, and Interference Violet.
3. The paper on the right is also watercolor paper that has extra heavy gel medium applied by hand. Press into the medium with bubble wrap before it dries. Dry thoroughly.
4. Paint with Quinacridone Magenta, Permanent Dark Violet, and Metallic Bronze.

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