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Making a simple collage with an image transfer

This is one of the most simple collages that I’ve done in a long time. The biggest departure for me was to mirror image what I might normally do: most often I would have the bird on the left side, looking towards the writing on the right. I am still not sure if I like the final results here, but it was an interesting exercise to flip things around.

And I didn’t even sew anything onto the collage!! Shock! It is so hard for me to keep it this pared down.

Anyway, here’s how I made it:

1. Print out an image that you wish to transfer onto an inkjet transparency. The instructions for doing one of these transfers are in this image transfer post. Transfer the picture to smooth colored cardstock instead of fabric. Cut it out and top it with gloss medium.

2. Take two similarly sized squares of patterned or colored cardstock. Keep the background square whole, and rip a strip out of the other. Cut a piece of dark cardstock (I used black) slightly bigger than the patterned square.

3. Adhere the strip to the square and the image over the strip. I used matte medium for these pieces, and then used double-sided tape to attach the small collage to the black background.

4. Press the piece and wait until it dries before adding your lettering. I really like the brush style black pens by Faber-Castell called “Pitt artist pens.”

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