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How to digitally create “fuzzy memories”

While I can’t tell you the exact settings that you will need to use to alter your photo into a slightly blurred "fuzzy memory", I’ll take you through the steps that I used on Joshua’s portrait. It’s a bit hard to tell online, but Joshua’s features are in focus while the rest of the image is softly blurred. And the color has obviously been changed. So, grab an image that evokes sleepytime or daydreaming for you, and let’s go!

1. Open your file in Photoshop, duplicate the image, crop and size it.

2. Add a curves adjustment layer. Lower the contrast, dim the highlights, and dull the whites.

3. Add a hue/saturation adjustment layer. Tick off colorize, and add sepia tones (hue approximately 38, saturation approximately 25). Shift the lightness slider left until satisfied. Adjust opacity.

4. Merge all layers onto a new layer.

5. Add as much gaussian blur as you like and adjust opacity.

6. Apply a layer mask, and bring the child’s features back with a large soft brush.

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