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Tissue paper inclusions

Today we’re going to be looking at how you can use tissue paper to create a paper with inclusions. Your piece will end up looking similar to the handmade papers you can buy with flower parts, bits of text, etc embedded within them.

1. You’re going to need to gather together the items you wish to embed, a sheet of paper to use as a substrate, and some white (or pale colored tissue). Stick down all of your inclusions using liquid acrylic medium.

2. Gently gently gently, apply liquid medium all over your page, including on top of your inclusions. If they are just too delicate for this treatment, you can use spray adhesive instead. But oh, how I hate that stuff! I can never use it without creating a total mess! Anyway, once you’ve got a layer of adhesive down, carefully lay a piece of tissue on top. I like to smooth out most of the wrinkles for this technique, but making it wrinkley like we did last week would give you a whole new set of options.

3. Add any paints that you desire. I prefer to wait until the piece is dry before doing this since the top layer is so delicate. But you’ll get better seepage into lower layers if you do it while it’s still wet.

4. Just like we saw last week, you can also do a variation on this technique to produce tissue without the substrate so that you can layer it into your collages. Instead of gluing your inclusions to a piece of stock paper or watercolor paper, carefully lay them between two sheets of tissue instead. Place this on top of freezer or waxed paper so that it will release when dry. Saturate but don’t soak the sandwich with acrylic medium. When it’s dry, peel it up carefully. These sheets make beautiful tags, and look great used in altered books.

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Elizabeth said…
Cool technique~ I have finally tried it today for our weekly challenge ATC blog.
Cyndi L said…
Glad you liked it, Elizabeth! I'm coming over to see what you made :-)
Elizabeth said…
Thanks so much for stopping by :)
I actually just cut out my atc and then placed everything as I wanted it and stuck it down :) then I trimmed around the edges to remove the leaves that were hanging over and folded the tissue paper over and glued it to the back to help stop the leaves wanting to lift up. It was a lot of fun to make. I'll definitely do it again.