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Textured tissue paper backgrounds and layers, part 2

Here is a tissue paper method that works when you want the tissue paper painted in a crinkled style, but not attached to a substrate. Maybe you don’t want the tissue paper as a background, but want to use a thin layer elsewhere in one of your collages. Use freezer paper or waxed paper underneath this piece so that you’ll be able to release it when it dries:

1. Thoroughly crumple the tissue paper. Smooth it out slightly and pour or spray very thinned acrylics (or thin inks, dyes, or other paints) all over the tissue. Let it dry undisturbed. Peel it up carefully and use it as one of your collage layers.

2. I scanned this piece of tissue after it dried and used it in this digital collage called The Boater.

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Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing your tissue-paper techniques;they're really neat! Your
"Boater" is beautiful!!!

Cyndi L said…
Thank you very much!