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Passion, passion, passion!

No, not Valentine's Day!

My recommended reading for the day is Kathy Sierra's blog entry on re-igniting passion.

It was a perfect thing for me to read, just having returned from Winterfest, the huge youth convention that we take our youth group to every year.

One of the best ways (and my most favorite) to maintain my own passion is to surround myself with the newly passionate. This past weekend, I went for the sixth time as a chaperone to a youth convention. The youth pastor is 20, as were two other chaperones. Three more chaperones were 18. Only me and one other guy were over 30 (actually, we're older than dirt, but who's counting?). The trip went great, because every single one of those carefully selected chaperones was passionately in love with serving the kids that we were taking.

People ask me how I can go with the teens year after year. I ask them, how could I *not* go?

I like being around all that passion :-)