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Line engraved print

An experiment today! While I was waiting for some glass beads to come out of the kiln, I grabbed this image that I took in a local cemetary and my trusty photoshop program, and attempted to simulate the look of an old line engraved print. I liked the look, which I first saw in Dan Giordan's The Art of Photoshop for Digital Photographers. I ended up using very different techniques from Dan's, but was really glad to have the book as a starting point. I'm not sure that I would ever have figured out my own method without first seeing his!

I think that's the best thing about good instructional books ~ although they tell you how one person has achieved something, they leave lots of room for experimentation. I like Dan's books a lot. He even makes low-res versions of the exact photos he uses available on his website so that you can literally follow along step-by-step if you want. I don't want, but I really appreciate that extra effort to help us, his readers.

Oh, here's the original: