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Talk to the hand

Talk to the Hand:
The utter Bloody Rudeness of the World Today,
or Six Good Reasons to Stay Home and Bolt the Door

I love Lynne Truss! I love her humor, I love her writing style, and I really hate a lot of the things she is whining about in this book! Here's a clip:

"This book is, obviously, a big systematic moan about modern life. And the expression 'Talk to the hand' specifically alludes to a response of staggering rudeness best known from The Jerry Springer Show....I see it as a forest of belligerent and dismissive palms held up to the human face instead. Thank you for choosing to hold for an assistant. There's no one here to help you at this time. Nobody asked you to held the Effing door open. An error of type 506 has occurred. Please disconnect, check your preferences, then go off and die....If you would like to speak to an assistant, please have your account details ready and call back in 200 years."

Oh yeah, I can relate. And it does all make me want to stay home and bolt the door!