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Making a wave stitch scarf - a tutorial

My Dr Who Scarf
Cyndi Lavin, 2018

My deepest appreciation to Cori Dodds, who designed the scarf that I first saw using the wave stitch.  She got the wave stitch from, home of gazillions of stitches that I now want to try!  Scroll down to the bottom of this post for easy instructions for my version of the wave stitch.

If you are a beginner crocheter, I would suggestion that you go to MyPicot and follow the instructions there for doing the stitch.  I am abbreviating everything here, because teaching crochet is just not my strong suit.  I also changed the stitch slightly from the original, to better suit the way I work.  This one only looks complicated though, I promise you!

Wave Stitch - lengthwise

Wave Stitch Instructions

The basic pattern is 16 stitches in each repeat, plus 3 at the end to finish.  So if you want to make my Dr Who scarf with the pattern running crosswise, you'll start with a chain of 35 (+ 1 stitch to turn).  A 36" traditional scarf with the pattern running lengthwise needs about 8 repeats, so chain 131 (+ 1 stitch to turn).  And if you want to make an infinity loop, I found 6 repeats to be perfect for me, so I chained 99 (+ 1 stitch to turn).  It's easy to work out for yourself if you want a different size.

Here's how the pattern works, using the 2 repeat pattern as an example:

Chain 35 + 1 to turn.
Each stitch or chain in the following rows corresponds to 1 stitch in the base chain, so when you ch 1, skip the stitch below it.

row 1: *sc3, ch1, hdc, ch1, dc, ch1, trc, ch1, trc, ch1, dc, ch1, hdc, ch1, repeat from *.  End with sc3.

rows 2 + 3: sc in each stitch (including chains) in front loop only.

row 4: same pattern as row 1, but starting with trc.  *trc, ch1, trc, ch1, dc, ch1, hdc, ch1, sc3, ch1, hdc, ch1, dc, ch1, repeat from *.  End with trc, ch1, trc.

rows 4 + 5: repeat rows 2 + 3.

Alternate rows 1 + 4, adding rows 2 + 3 between each repeat.

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