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Moon Dust - a mixed media painting tutorial

Moon Dust
Cyndi Lavin, 2017
I wanted a somber feel, but rich colors, so a ended up doing an underpainting to help guide my choices.  The paints I used were are welcome to change up the colors to suit yourself! 


1. Lightly spray a piece of heavy watercolor paper with water, and use a large brush to lay in waterproof black India ink.  Keep it darkest around the edges, and leave a spot with no ink at all.  Blend the ink to get a nice gradient.  Allow to dry completely.  


2. Use a mix of black gesso and white gesso to make a light gray.  Use a foam brush with the gray mix to pull full strength heavy bodied Phthalo blue and Dioxazine purple down the length of the paper. Spray lightly with water if needed.  Adjust the colors.  While the piece is still damp, use a pipette to drip diluted black ink from the top.  Allow to dry.


3. Drip full-strength India ink from the top.  Use the pipette to draw in some branches.  Take a scruffy, beat-up brush and dab in "moon dust" around the tops of the trees, with a mix of white gesso and Hansa yellow light.  When dry, top with several light coats of Krylon acrylic spray.

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