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Torn paper towel flowers

Nothing gets my juices flowing quite like a beautiful bouquet of flowers!  And since my garden has been overflowing, I've had lots of inspiration recently.  I don't do realism...I just can't...but I wanted something that would at least be recognizable this time!

Materials & Tools

Watercolor paper
Matte medium
Tissue paper
Paper towels
Spray bottle with water

Acrylic paints:
Hansa yellow medium
Pyrrole orange
Quinacridone magenta
Dioxazine purple
Jenkins green
Sap green
Green gold

Pitt pen, black
Acrylic spray fixative

1. Pick a reference photo or quickly sketch a plan.  My drawing ability is non-existent, but I still do this part.

2. Prepare watercolor paper with a thin layer of gesso, a layer of dilute matte medium, and crinkled tissue paper.  Let it dry.

3. Drip dilute color on paper towels and allow to dry.

4. Add dilute sap green to the paper and use a spray bottle of water to move it around.  Top it with a layer of matte medium and allow to dry thoroughly.

5. Use water on a small brush to outline the flowers, and tear them out.

6. Arrange, adhering with a drop of medium when satisfied.

7. Iron in place.  Add small paper towel details, like the leaves.  Iron in place again and carefully cover with medium.

8. Add desired details with a pen.  spray with fixative, and add a final layer of matte medium.

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