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Golden's introduces new High Flow Acrylics!

It's a great idea whose time has finally come!  The new paint line by Golden Artist Colors has an amazing range of applications, including use in in refillable markers and technical pens, for marbling, and even for airbrushing.  What I've always loved about Golden's is the pigment density of their products, and the reliability.  I have not had a chance to work with these, but I think the possibilities are very exciting.  There are 49 colors available so far.


Sarah Sequins said…
Use in refillable pens and markers??? Wow, I've been waiting for that for more than a decade! Sounds like it would be perfect for repainting doll faces.

Off to rob a bank... um. I mean, off to save my pennies so I can check this stuff out. ;) Thanks for posting about this paint!