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Vulture quilt - part three

The next step in my vulture quilt was to stitch the tucks into the painted top, and then to get it backed and ready for quilting.

1. Use fabric chalk to draw a central circle to be cut out.

2. Carefully cut it out with small sharp scissors.

3. Use pins to form the tucks.  I plan to stitch along the shaft of each feather.

4. Use embroidery thread to do a simple running stitch along each tuck.

5. This is what the piece will look like when the tucks are all finished.

6. Pin the top to a piece of batting.

7. Pin all the tucks going in the same direction in the center.

8. Snip out the center piece of batting along the same line as the top.

9. Add a piece of backing fabric and snip out the center again.  Pin all layers together around the center and the outer edges.

Next time, the quilting.  It's going to be a few weeks, because I'm going to be getting together with family, and you know what that means for work!  So I'll have something different for you next week :-)

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I've been wondering how you would be abel to bring this into a seamless whole. Very nice, Cyndi.

Have a good time with the family :D