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Book review: Push Print

You may remember that last year I introduced you to the first two members of this new Lark series: Push Paper and Push Stitchery (see my review here).  Now the next two books are set to be released, including Push Print.  This volume became available in the beginning of September 2012, along with Push Jewelry.  [Note: the review for Push Jewelry will be posted on Beading Arts].

I don't know really what to say about this volume.  I've liked all of them, but I know soooo little about printing (other than my vague forays into monotypes and stamping).  My daughter taught me a little about some of the terminology when she was doing a printmaking course in college, but I've never done any of it.  So I feel totally out of my depth to remark on any of the work in this book.  I like some of it, other pieces fail to move me, which is typical of boundary-edge work in any medium.  But here I have only the editors' word for it that the work is cutting edge!

I really like the work that is printed on 3 dimensional forms, but that's about all I can say.  If you are a print artist, you'll probably want to see this book and you'll probably come to the conclusion that you know a LOT more about prints than I do :-)

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