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Fractured photographs

I found my notes on how I made the fractured photographs! I'm so happy, because I'd really like to do some more, but it's been soooo long! It turns out it's not too difficult, but I had definitely forgotten about a few of the fine points that make it smoother. All these steps are done in Photoshop.

1. Make a copy of your background image and colorize it using the hue and saturation sliders.
2. Select sections with the polygon lasso tool, and use Ctrl-J to place each on its own layer.
3. Shift the color slightly and or move the selection slightly for each layer.
4. Turn off all but one layer at a time. Select the layer, choose inverse, feather about 50 pixels, and hit the delete key. Add a drop shadow effect to each.
5. Go back and adjust the opacity for each layer so that overlapping layers will show through.

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That is gorgeous. I'm not sure I understand each step, but I can't wait to try.

When you say, use the polygonal tool to create selections - is that where the beautiful background geometric lines come from? I love the effect.
Cyndi L said…
Thanks Eileen! Yes, under the lasso tool in the side bar are a couple different styles. One is a polygon lasso.

As you work through it, if something isn't clear, just drop me a question...I'll do my best :-)
Tammy said…
That looks very cool! I would have never thought they were the same photo.