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Collage and quilt techniques

We've explored lots and lots of fun collage techniques over the years. I figured it was past time to compile some of the methods. This post doesn't include all the techniques like image transfers and making background papers...those posts have been compiled elsewhere!
I'll be adding links to this list as new tutorials are posted, and you will always be able to find the link handy in the sidebar under The Basics.

A photographic collage
Paper quilting
Collage embellished with embroidery
Paper clay collage
Frottage collage
Digital collage with scanned background
Encased collage
Small art quilt with fish
Digital mixed media collage
Simple collage with an image transfer
Packing tape transfer collage
Monochromatic art quilt
Mixed media collage with embroidery
A geometric collage
An organic collage
A layered digital collage
Abstract collages
Waxed paper transfer collage
More on abstract collages
Mixed media piece with watercolor background
Fabric collage with digital images
Another fabric art quilt
Making a rusted fabric art quilt
Making a collage with monoprint papers: The Prodigal
Peeled paper technique
Making an applique quilt
Paper and fabric collage

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keiki gifts said…
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful work!
erentz said…
Wow! What a smorgasboard of ideas! I am looking forward to exploring, thank you for the inspiration and instructions!
Cyndi L said…
You're welcome! Thanks so much for visiting :-)