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Making a collage with monotype papers: The Prodigal

Once I've got a great big stack of background papers to work with, I like to take a few days or weeks (however long they last!) and do some collage projects with them. Before cutting the papers up, I usually scan them so that later on they'll be available for mixed media digital collages too.

The Prodigal is a piece that came to me all in one flash. It's not very complicated, but the concept of the prodigal had been rolling around in my mind for a few weeks, and all at once I knew how I wanted to visualize it.

I used two monotype background papers that I made a few weeks earlier. Here's how Prodigal was constructed. How about using the basic methods to make a piece that represents a theme you are thinking about?

Materials & Tools
Decorative papers (heavy watercolor paper)
Clear ruler
Exacto knife
Gold leaf marker
Double-sided tape
Beads, nylon thread, needle

1. Choose your papers and cut to size. I made the small squares 2 inches, but you should vary this for your own project. I cut one square larger, and one square from a different color.

2. Edge each square with the leafing marker.

3. Use the clear ruler to line them up properly, and stick each one down with a bit of double-sided tape.

4. Stitch a small stack of beads to the corner of each square. I used a size 8/0 topped with an 11/0 bead on each corner.

5. I didn't add any text this time, but I often do, using a black micron or Pitt pen.

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